About the author

With more than 30 years experience in the food and beverages industry I have been involved in all aspects of the restaurant business. My passion for slow food and home cooking  probably comes from my mother and my grand mother’s traditional cooking, it was later developed in the company of illustrious Michelin star chefs and passionate product lovers. 

With a strong commitment to tradition and no nonsense cooking I try to have a simple approach to classic dishes, the final goal being always to have fun, to enjoy cooking.

If presentation is important, the taste is essential.

Avid traveler, I have done about a million miles around our small planet and have brought back, amongst other things,  experiences, ideas, influences , recipes and spices….

Those few pages are without pretension, without arrogance, writing this blog is not a job but a leisure, maybe you will pick up one idea or two, one recipe or two,  and you will get this feeling of contentment, pleasure and satisfaction associated with a good comforting, no nonsense, meal.

Keep it real !

Bon appetit!