Slow cooked Caribbean pulled pork

This recipe is simply delicious, the taste of the Caribbeans allied with the softness and tenderness of slow cooked meat. But be prepared!  All together, it will take you about 8 hours  to prepare this dish (but you only have to work for about 45 minutes ;-)) . So either set it in the evening to be ready the next morning or in the morning for the evening. Enjoy, it is a real treat.

The ingredients:

For 2 to 3 persons.

1 pork tenderloin or a piece of pork shoulder or a Boston butt about 2 lbs of meat.
2 tbsp of butter
2 tbsp of brown sugar
1 Onion
1 shallot
2 Garlic cloves
Fresh thyme (or dried if you don’t have)
2 bay leaves
2 small red peppers (fresh or preserved in vinegar)
1 tbsp of freshly ground pepper (Jamaican paper if you have)
1 tsp of salt
2 tbsp of red wine vinegar
1 can of coconut milk 13,5 fl oz
2 tbsp of fragrant white rhum
1 glass of dry white wine

For this recipe I use a hand blender and a slow Cooker from CrockPot,

Step by step…

In a large pan melt the butter and fry your meat on every side so that it is golden brown.

eZy Watermark_14-05-2020_10-48-18PM

Place the meat in the center of the slow cooker and keep the pan with the melted butter,

Chop the onion, slice the shallot, peel and squash the garlic with the flat side of a knife and cut the red peppers in chunks.

eZy Watermark_14-05-2020_10-49-19PM

At medium heat, heat up the pan with the melted butter and the juice from the pork and fry the onion, shallot, garlic and peppers in it.

eZy Watermark_14-05-2020_10-50-25PM

Add the brown sugar (Here I used cubes) and mix gently until the sugar melts and it caramelises a little.

Add in the thyme and the bay leaves. Season with the pepper and the salt.

Bring up the heat, when the juice thickens, stir in the vinegar and a couple of minutes after 1/2 of the coconut milk can.

Mix well and pour this mixture in the slow cooker with the meat.

eZy Watermark_14-05-2020_10-51-35PM

Drink the glass of dry white wine, you deserve it!

Set you slow cooker at low heat for 7 hours…

… little by little

Ok, so you went about your day and now 7 hours have passed…

Remove the meat from the slow cooker and with two forks (No knives) start separating the fibres, this is where you pull the pork. (remove the fat as you do it)

eZy Watermark_14-05-2020_10-52-45PM

You will notice that the sauce, over the course of the 7 hours of cooking has separated, not to worry. Take a hand blender and blend the sauce until you get a smooth creamy liquid.

Pour the sauce in a pan and bring to the boil to reduce. When you have the thickness that you desire, add in the rest of the coconut milk and the 2 spoons of rhum. bring back to the boil gently.

Now you can put your pulled pork back in the pan. If your sauce is not thick enough, you can reduce it a little more.

Et voila your Caribbean pulled pork is ready and will taste delicious.

Bon Appétit!

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