Pulled pork sandwich with Coleslaw

For 4 persons you will need:

A pulled pork recipe like this one; Caribbean Pulled Pork
Creamy Coleslaw
4 hamburger buns
1/2 stick of butter
12 Jalapeño slices en escabeche
1 Onion

The method:

As your Caribbean Pulled Pork is keeping warm in your slow cooker and your Creamy Coleslaw is in your refrigerator, warm up a large frying pan at medium heat and melt half of the butter.

Once the butter is really hot, place the four halves of two hamburger buns white face down in the melted butter, move them around in the pan so that the butter goes well into the bread.

Keeping an eye on the bread, peel and cut your onion across the largest part in order to have nice onion large rings, you will need three per sandwich.

Remove the bread when it is golden brown and crispy, the other side of the bun starts to become very soft. This process will give a nice creamy crunchy texture to the bread.

Add the rest of the butter to the pan and renew the operation with the other 4 halves.

On the plate place you bottom half of the crispy hamburger bun and garnish with the Caribbean pulled pork, place the three onion rings on the top and the three slices of jalapeño peppers. Finish with the top part of the burger bun. Add couple of spoons of Creamy Coleslaw on the plate and serve. You can also add a portion of French fries to the plate and if you want you can also add shredded iceberg  lettuce to the burger…

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